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Certificate/ Student ID Card

Certificate Issuance

Type of Certificate
  • English : result, graduation, registration, leave of absence expulsion certificates
  • Korean : leave of absence, expected graduation, education payment, expulsion certificates and copy of school registration
Fee : 600 KRW (education payment certificate is free) Certificate Issuance
  • Application : visit administration center in person - main building/ 1st floor (auto-issuer is available)
  • Postal : students can issue certificate from every post office
  • FAX : students can issue certificate from public service center of every local government (local offices of shi/do/gu/gun/dong etc.)

Student ID Card Issuance

Initial Issuance : issuance through bundle preparation (major) through application through the department (major) during new term Fee : none Reissuance : student ID card is issued a day after application of reissuance is received by administration center Changing Picture
  • Fill in application form in administration center→Attach picture on the application form→Student ID card is issued on the next day
  • Fee : 2,000 KRW