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Drop Out & Readmission

Drop Out

Students who want to drop out due to disease, home affair and other relevant reasons can submit application for drop out Required Documents
  • Drop out application form, stamp of protector, stamp of student, registered stamp of protector
  • Subject of Return of Registration Fee : copy of bankbook of protector

Drop out application form, stamp of protector, stamp of student, seal certificate of protector

Return of Registration Fee
  • Criteria for return
  • Date of admission or the term
  • Before Beginning of Term : whole fee
  • Within 30 Days After Term Begins: 5/6 of school fee
  • Within 60 Days from 30 Days After Term Begins : 2/3 of school fee
  • Within 90 Days from 60 Days After Term Begins : 1/2 of school fee
  • After 90 Days from Beginning of Term: none
  • Readmission is available for students who dropped out for the same department (major) and the year at the time of drop out or lower year only if there is capacity within entrance quota
  • Readmission : contact to school administration center (031-670-7015) to make inquiry


Readmission is available for the same department (major), year and term of the drop out within the range of entrance quota Required Documents : readmission application form, registration fee receipt, stamp of the student, stamp of the protector Submission Deadline : within the period noticed (before beginning of each term) Procedure

Application through administration center (submission of readmission application form) → passing to department office → submission to administration center