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Department of Tax Accounting

Department of Tax Accounting nurtures “ professional and ethical manpower for the future financial environment based on the educational objective and mid/long term development plan of Doowon Technical University College which is attempting to be an “World Class” occupational education center through nurturing “Future-Oriented technical manpower”.

Department Homepage

About Department

  • 1. To acquire certificates related to finance & accounting, taxation, management information, professional knowledge in general distribution management and tax accounting.
  • 2. To prepare high-quality employment in general enterprise, tax & accounting corporation, distribution company, public officer, tax accounting of financial companies.
  • 3. To nurture professional accountants who can improve individual competence and develop themselves to cope with the financial environment of the future.
  • 4. To grow as an world-class occupational education department.
Educational Objective

To nurture professional and ethical tax accountant to cope with the future financial environment through 4 major core strategies including competence reinforcement program, field-customized curriculum, education on acquisition of license and internship program.

nurturing professional and ethical tax accountant
to cope with the future financial environment
  1. 1. Constitution of curriculum focusing on theoretical education centered at the basis and site-applied practical education through job analysis of site work and theory professionals
  2. 2. Building site practice and employment support system through employment agreement with KACPTA, Samsung and LG cooperation companies
  3. 3. Nurturing ethical manpower to cope with financial environment in an active manner through theoretical, site and leadership educations.
Department of Tax Accounting is operating 4 major core strategies, including competence reinforcement program, site-customized curriculum, education for acquisition of certificate, internship program, to nurture tax accountants who can work for administration of general enterprises, book keeper, department of general affair, accounting corporation, tax accountant office and financial organization.

TA MBO Program

Management of Objective of Department of Tax Accounting Student Instruction Program Based on Objective Management

Employment Quality Improvement Program

Inducement of Acquisition of Certificate Related to Major

  • 1st Term of 1st Year

    Learning Principle of Tax Accounting

  • 2nd Term of 1st Year

    Computerized Accounting, 2nd Class

  • 1st Term of 2nd Year

    - Computerized Accounting, 1st Class
    - Computerized Tax Accounting 2nd Class

  • 2nd Term of 2nd Year

    - Future Career Instruction
    - Employment

Employment Quality Improvement Program
Year 2010 2011 2012(Objective) Note
Successful Candidate 12 10 20 Students with National Computerized Accounting Certificate

Seoul and Gyeonggi social tax and tax accounting-related companies and agreements and ongoing promotion agreement

Career After Graduation
  • 1. General Enterprises: administration, book keeper,
    department of general affair of Samsung, LG primary cooperative firms
  • 2. Tax Accounting: accounting corporation, tax accountant office, appraisal office
  • 3. Administration/ Service: public officer,
    hospital, school, hotel, book keeper of R&D institute, administrator,
    department of general affairs
  • 4. Management of Distribution and Service Companies
  • 5. ncial Organization: Nonghyup, Bank, Insurance Company, Stock Company Etc.
Acquired Qualifications

Computerized Accounting 1,2 classes, Computerized Tax Accounting 1,2 classes, Tax Accounting, 1,2 classes
Business Accounting Grade 1, 2 class, Accounting Management 1,2 classes, Finance & Economy Administrator, Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant Etc.

Study Group

Science Group
- DIET : marketing site work research
- Dooinsquare : research on site work of tax accounting information
processing through utilization of IT
- Minerva : financial statement analysis Hoppy Society
- JIN : soccer, basket ball, jok-gu, table tennis