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Department of Childcare & Welfare

Personality and character cultivation, field associated with the professional talents through cooperation, qualifications required for the future of the welfare society through education, as well as taking into account the individual's abilities and preferences we would like to achieve the objective.

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About Department

Educational Objective
"caregiver second grade, second grade qualification welfare Inc."

The implementation of social welfare is to meet the demands of the times childcare, youth, the disabled, child care and welfare of professional talents demonstrate competence in the elderly welfare and for that purpose. We cultivate the personality and character, scene and through Cooperation linked to the culture of professional skills, the acquisition of qualifications as well as the future of the welfare society needs through a variety of education considering the individual's abilities and preferences and to achieve this purpose.

  • 1. We performed a variety of educational programs for caregivers and social use positive values with the desired character and sound.
  • 2. We demonstrate the capacity to train enough talent in the care and welfare field through the development and implementation of field-based Curriculum (DACUM).
  • 3. We train professionals with practical skills through on-site child care and welfare facilities, industry-academia cooperation of the Association as a community.
  • 4. We are building the best educational infrastructure to lead the social flow of care and welfare sector, leading to qualifications in various fields to be actively responds to new challenges.
Department Policy
  • 1. The aim of child care and social welfare work 99%
  • 2. Build the ultimate multimedia teaching environment and practice environment
  • 3. The field-based education through the Cooperative
  • 4. Qualification guided through a variety of educational programs
  • 5. Volunteer and culture in the field adaptation via pre-practice system
  • 6. Career guidance and counseling through lectures
Career After Graduation
Employment Prospects

We have a nursery, character and ability to cope with the demands of the welfare, child care teachers and social workers to train most promising new employment possibilities and founded a department with expertise in the northern part of the game and develop rapidly. Current child care, welfare is a future-oriented department has a high employment rate of several departments and women have the benefit of being able to work in a stable professional after getting married.

Employment Sector
  • - National and public childcare, nursery teachers in private and childcare facilities
  • - Children's homes or home care facilities established operations
  • - City, county, ward welfare specialist
  • - Children and youth related department
  • - Instructor for after school activities for children
  • - Child care and a four-year college, Social Welfare, Department of Child Welfare, Family Welfare, etc.
Acquired Qualifications
National Certificate
  • - Child Care Teacher Grade 2, Grade 2 Social Welfare Corporation
  • - (acquired without a call for examination after completing its course)
Private Certificate
  • - Teachers for Disabilities (special education teacher), Art Therapy Tertiary Educators
  • - Children Instructor Afterschool, Child Recreation Consultant, Early Childhood Physical Education Teacher
  • - Social Welfare Recreation Consultant, Child Safety Coordinator, Origami Beginners and Intermediate
  • - Inflatable Craft Beginners and Intermediate